The new amenity at your society. Know your neighbor.

Societyhive.com is association management software and comes with free accounting software for housing societies. We have been using innovative ways to manage societies and take help of latest technologies where possible. In addition to society management and accounting, Societyhive helps you connect, share and network with the people around you.

The private website for your housing society, group, club and neighborhood.

Key features:

  • Private Society Website
  • Announcements, Notice Board
  • Bill Alerts, Accounting, Receipt
  • Vendors and maintenance management
  • Members Directory, Useful Contacts
  • Classified, Event Calendar, Photos
  • Groups, Discussions, Complaint Box

Rediscover your society and meet people with common interests.

You can take advantage of technology in lot of innovative ways. Here are some of benefits:

Well managed societies

Well managed societies

Societyhive is one stop for all information about your society. You get all necessary tools to make your society safer, happier and fun place.

  • Message all with one click
  • Manage events, complaints
  • Track maintenance and vendors
  • Accounting and bill collection

Safe and Private. No fake profile

Safe and Private. No fake profile

The private website is managed by your society managers eliminating unknown users. All information shared here are completely safe and in your control.

  • Every member is verified
  • You set visibility level for your posts
  • Information visible to members only
  • Exchange local help and advice

Tap into your local help and resources

Well managed societies

Your local society has lot to offer. With different skills, profession and ethnic background, your neighbourhood is self-sufficient in many ways.

Talk to your neighbour if you are:

  • New to the society or city?
  • Looking for a good school?
  • Looking for service providers?
  • Looking for local events, music class?

Never miss an event

Safe and Private. No fake profile

Check out the event calendar. You are automatically notified for all event related news for your society.

  • Announce. Invite. Manage.
  • Share photos
  • Discuss & Participate

Neighbourhood services and resources

Well managed societies

Neighbourhood services and resources

  • Start your own dance class
  • Learn or teach cooking
  • Promote your services

Classified in the place for you. You can restrict the type of audience for your free ad.

A stronger neighbourhood not only improves property value, it improves each neighbour's life. Get your society online today!

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