Societyhive Data Use Policy

We take privacy seriously and have privacy control features from very first version of Societyhive.

As a society you would want your information to remain within your society. As an individual, you would want your data to remain in your control all the time. You should have a choice on what to share and what not.

Learn about information we receive and how we use it

Public Information

Almost all information you share at Societyhive stays within your society. You choose what you want to show to external users. Your posts are always in your control. For example: most information at Societyhive always remains within the society like discussions, polling, notices, etc. However, users have sections like classified and promotions where they can do public posts.

Personal Information

You are in control of your data all the time. You can set access level for most profile data. We do not sell, rent, or lease our customer data to third parties. All data is available securely with your friends, society or yourself depending on access levels you have set.

How to Contact Us?

Write to us at for any of below:

  • For more information about our privacy practices.
  • If you have a technical or general support question.
  • If you suspect your Societyhive account has been hacked or taken over.
  • If you have a Societyhive password question.